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ODL was just starting a rebrand when we first started working together.  Our team delivered a new website that captured that brand and provided them with the architecture to execute a digital marketing strategy.  As our relationship grew we integrated a CSM and CRM into their digital tool set and processes.

ODL Orthodontics Labs

Embracing technology to optimize business processes.

ODL Orthodontics Lab is based in Buffalo, New York. Before working with White Giraffe, the company was not leveraging their website to generate leads and no content strategy to allow customers to self-identify problems when utilizing the digital tools to submit prescriptions.

ODL is a digital orthodontics lab that offers clinicians (Orthodontists and Dentists) a full range of traditional appliances and digital solutions, providing clinicians a pathway to growth and clinical excellence. For over 30 years, ODL has been working with clinicians across the country and internationally.

ODL was introduced to White Giraffe in 2017 when they were going through a company rebranding. To support their rebrand efforts we created a website with a Content Management System (CMS), this allowed the ODL team to quickly produce and update their content. With the ability to generate content more frequently this supported the business initiative to generate leads digitally. Additionally the site was equipped with basic Google Analytics that would allow for the collection of data and could help identify opportunities and provide insight for other business decisions.
ODL Process Layout

Bringing awareness to new products.

Over the history working with ODL, White Giraffe also helped them launch new products to the market. Through an iterative approach landing pages were created to test assumptions and better refine messaging and the business strategy.

Create content that answers questions.

While dealing with limited resources, we started automating the customer support process with the introduction of a customer success management (CSM) system. This allows content to be created and easily found by end users to quickly self-identify the answers to their questions.

Embrace automation to assist with scaling pains.

As time passed and ODL started to scale they were confronted with new challenges as a result of scaling. White Giraffe conducted interviews to identify internal pain points and inefficiencies that hindered the customer experience. Utilizing a Journey Map we were able to identify the highest priority initiatives.

This resulted into White Giraffe utilized an iterative approach to integrate different systems and train stakeholders on how to utilize these systems within their internal processes.

Additionally, White Giraffe provided monthly maintenance and support on these systems to maintain a high level of performance and security.


Over the 3 years of working with ODL the New User website traffic has increased 240% from the previous 3 years. Our goal was to first focus on optimizing the site for SEO in order to make sure there was strong organic traffic coming to the site. The result was 63% of traffic to the website was organic based. The organic traffic then transitioned to 60% of new leads generated.

Working with White Giraffe we have taken an iterative approach to implementing new technologies that have allowed us to augment internal processes and increase business.
Mike Wright, President

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How Can We Help?

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